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Similian islands, thailand

The Similan Islands off Thailand’s East coast are in the top 10 of best dive sites worldwide. Consisting of 11 islands in total, the Similan Marine National Park offers plenty of fantastic dive sites to choose from. The easiest and fastest way to reach Similan is from Khao Lak, about 70 minutes by speedboat. We visited the marine park with a 5 days/4 nights liveaboard from Phuket and the diving was amazing. It’s like diving in a colorful aquarium!

Placencia, Belize

Drawn by schools of spawning snapper, whale sharks show up like clockwork at Belize’s Gladden Spit between the months of March and June. This experience is open to both divers and snorkelers, as whale-shark sightings near the surface are common when the animals surface to feed. The best days for whale-shark encounters of the Placencia coast are around the full moon each month of the season, when the spawning action reaches its zenith.

Similan Islands, Thailand

The nine granite islands lie about 100km north-west of Phuket and are part of a National Marine Park. The park only opens during dive season for the best chances of spotting manta rays and whale sharks. The sites on the East coast are generally easier with gentle sloping coral reefs while the West coast is slightly more challenging due to its giant granite boulders, fan corals and incredible submarine rock formations. There are also some dive sites for muck diving – so watch out for critters like ghost pipefish and sea moths.

Anilao, Philippines

Known as the “critter capital,” Anilao’s abundance of fascinating underwater marine life captivates macro lovers around the world. With shallow, calm waters surrounding the peninsula, Anilao is an underwater photographer’s ultimate dream come true.

All you need to know about diving

01. Diving from a beach

The best way to dive from a beach is firstly to find one where the wave action is not excessive. Also, once you have your fins on, you are better off walking backwards into the water.

02. Avoid panic underwater

Many accidents are the result of panic. When we panic and don’t know what to do, we usually make bad decisions. No matter what happens, relax, close your eyes if necessary, breathe and think. Remember what you’ve learned and resolve the problem.

03. Invest In Equipment You Can Depend On

In general, SCUBA is an equipment intensive activity that involves a basic technical understanding and requires that the diver has equipment that is appropriate for the conditions they plan to be in. This doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank, but you don’t want to skimp either. The most common phrase that applies to buying a Life Support System is to “Get the best gear that you can reasonably afford.” This means that you won’t find yourself needing to replace gear that’s not that old.

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